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“Detail” Dino has transformed what was a once a vacuum out, wipe down, and wash your car into what you get today in the auto detailing and car restoration business. With over 20 years in the auto detailing field, he personally has become simply known as “The Best” detail guy in the country. He has paved the way for many others by teaching and crafting his art in a way that he has succesfully built and when all that was taught, he walked away from successful businesses still in business today to do it all over again for this last time. Who once was a 100 cars a week detail guy, has now been transformed into a single solution complete auto transformation detail service. His pride, love, and passion for his craft has now allowed him to only handle 10 – 15 cars a week in a way never seen in the industry.From front to back and top to bottom, he does things never offered before in a called car detail shop. Now he only takes dealerships worst trade in’s in a single PO system because his shop takes cars from sitting on the lot to being sold in days. His private owner car detailing ranges from the worst to the highest most exotic cars in the world. His transformations dismay and shock many first time clients but they all become repeat customers. To see the 1st “First Class” auto detailing magic and restoration please view our gallery page and be amazed. “Detail” Dino simply goes above and beyond for not only his customers but the people around him. He truly is an icon and industry leader.

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Remarks By Detail Dino

It’s not  very often in this industry to give credit where credit is do and while I may not talk with these people on a daily basis it’s important to me to say I respect Classic Appreciation World Class Auto Detailing of Rochester Michigan, and Dale of Dale’s Detailing of Mt. Clemens Michigan for their work and  commitment to the auto detailing indusrty highest standards in both work and professionalism. If for any reason you don’t choose 1st First Class Auto Detailing & Car Restoration of  Clinton Township, Macomb Michigan I highly recommend these two car detail shops. Detail Dino
I also give a lot of credit and respect to Kevin Esch of “Kevin’s Of Marysville”, Roseville Michigan for being the only man to do what he has done and the dreams he has built for many of those around him and allowing me “Detail Dino” the oppurtunity to maintain his cars for the last few years and years before. He is an owner operator with a commitment to perfection and doing thigs right the first time. I would also like thank John Jepson another man I highly look up to and respect in the car industry. Detail Dino

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At 1st Class “First Class” Auto Detailing and Restoration of Michigan we provide the highest standards in auto detailing and full car restoration. From rim repair to minor body rust, when we detail your car it’s a one stop Auto Detailing shop. We are the Best in Michigan at Car Detailing. Located in Clinton Township Michigan, we service all of Macomb County, Oakland County, Wayne County, Lapeer County and all of Metro Detroit in the areas of private owner auto detailing, dealership car detailing and complete custom car modifications. Call the 1st Choice and your only choice in Michigan Auto Detailing.

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Valet Towing Service

We offer valet towing service for all your  low mile and showroom exotic cars. We’ll come to you and pick up your high end or classic car on our custom flatbed tow truck and bring it back when we are done. That’s 1st Class service for our customers.

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